Who Needs Burial Insurance?

Who Needs Burial Insurance?

Insurance of some kind is pretty much a given for most working adults in Alsip, IL. If you’re not getting insured for your car, you’re thinking about life insurance for your family, or maybe even some kind of health/medical/dental insurance for their physical well-being. And then there’s burial insurance. Most people are surprised to hear that such a thing exists, and you may be too. But what is burial insurance? Who can benefit in Alsip, IL from it the most? You might be surprised by the answers. 


It’s Not Morbid to Be Prepared 

At a younger age, people in Alsip, IL who are preoccupied with death are usually accused of being morbid, and to a certain degree, that’s a fair criticism. Thinking about the philosophical implications of death, or the psychological effect the absence of death inflicts on other people is neither useful nor healthy. However, once you get to an adult age, and start having a family of your own, trying to avoid thinking about death, and how it might affect your loved ones, might even be called negligent. 

As an adult with close relationships with your spouse, your children, your friends, and even your elderly parents, you are at the center of a web. Your absence will have profound emotional, social, professional and financial consequences for everyone around you. To not prepare contingencies for this possibility means that you are now leaving the “cleanup of this mess” to those you leave behind, and that’s far from being morbid, that’s leaving—whether intentional or not—a heavy financial and emotional burden for these people to deal with. 

It’s for People with Families 

If you have a spouse and children, you must understand that if your spouse survives you, that person you love so much will be “on the hook” to both organize and pay for a funeral in Alsip, IL should anything happen to you. This means that on top of dealing with the immediate trauma of loss, he or she must now also contend with administrative duties of putting together a funeral, as well as financing it.  

If you don’t want to shoulder these painful burdens on people you care about at the worst possible time of their lives, then you’re a good candidate for burial insurance.  

For People With Elderly Parents 

If you’re in a position where your parents have retired in Alsip, IL, and they’re now in the golden years of their life, you know realistically their time is now short. They’re unlikely to live another 70 years, and while things like life insurance might pay for funerals, if their life insurance has already reached its term, getting a new policy will be extremely difficult. And funerals in the 21st century are not cheap. There are many factors to consider such as: 

  • Body Preparation/Embalming 
  • Catering 
  • Coffin/Urn Purchase 
  • Limo/Hearse Transport For Body & Family 
  • Burial/Cremation 

When factoring in all the costs for a funeral in Alsip, IL, a typical, 21st-century American funeral can run anywhere from $7000-$10000, and that’s for average quality. If you want it to be even more elaborate, some coffins alone have been known to cost $10000 all by themselves. This is not the type of financing you want to leave to the last minute, and yet many Americans do.  

Choose Peace of Mind with Living Legacy

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